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not because i want to be taken advantage of.

i’ll admit. to make myself happy is by makin’ other people happy. but sometimes i worry that they’re just takin’ me for granted. it’s kinda random that i’m suddenly thinkin’ bout this but not at the same time. i’ve been gettin’ sick a lot recently which i like and don’t like. i like it because whenever i get sick, i get sick to the point where i cry like really cry. cryin’ to the extent where i can’t stop until an hour or so. it’s weird to like cryin’, but that’s not my point. people always get worried about me because they think i’m so sick that it hurts. But to be honest, that’s not the case. Whenever I get sick, for some strange reason i always dream of the worst and saddest moments that have happened to me in my sleep. but it’s always the parts of my life where i was emotionally unstable. i don’t actually have anyone that actually fully trust 100% to tell everything to. not even the closest of my friends or even my family. no offense to them, truly. i don’t know why i can’t trust people when i know that they can be trusted, but something’s always holdin’ me back. and i usually wake up to my tears kinda bein’ dried onto my face but still crying. why do i still do this? i don’t really know. i know that i have a lot of people that are there for me. i thought it was goin’ away but am i just so sad that it continues to haunt me throughout my life?

maybe you’re wonderin’ how being nice ends up to my dreams and sadness. thing is that my nightmares actually start off as nice dreams. i’m just hangin’ with people i love and that care about me. but it always turns gloomy where i end up with me alone. someway or another, everyone leaves me. i know that i can control my dreams, but whenever i try to think of something happy it ends up makin’ me sad. i don’t really know why but i want it to just leave me alone already.
being nice because i want to make people happy by e-gao




This is without a doubt one of the most lovely things I have ever seen :D

This is totally parenting done right :D

Thank the Goddess that there are still parents like this in the world!

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