Doily - Mini Moonlit Silk

Chibiusa version! I’m working out the details for making this as well as the original Moonlit Silk as doily prints.

I’m considering taking preorders on a limited first run since it’s actually quite a bit of of manual work to print them. It will be helpful to know exactly how many I should make as well as preparing the packaging for them :’).

Thank you everyone for the support on these! Will share again when preorders are ready :)


Pokemon BW x Gumi - Yume Chizu





Feb 28, 2013 - By wearing different colored hats, over 2,600 employees at Genentech (in San Francisco) celebrated the 60th anniversary of the discovery of DNA

holy heck this is brilliant!

the science is strong in this one

is this the science side of tumblr?



sousuke wants to be your homodachi


Mekakucity Actors Character Design Comparison Version 2.

Now with Ayano and Mahiro Sato’s manga designs added and no more Summertime Record screenshots, meaning finding a decent shot of Ene, Momo and Hibiya post-Children Record was incredibly difficult. Had no choice but to use the crossfade shots for Ene and Momo. Using any shots from Outer Science wouldn’t be flattering to the characters or be good for comparing with but I decided to make Hibiya the exception.

Still no screenshot of Wannyanpuu’s Konoha because she never drew him in any of the MVs, not even Konoha no Sekai Jijou. I’m very certain she only did the final part of the MV with all the quick shots of the characters, none of which had Konoha. Shidu did everything before it (in other words, she monopolised every Konoha scene).

Shidu and Abe Genichirou’s designs taken from the official website. Wannyanpuu’s designs taken from here and here. Special thanks to Opn for helping with some of the manga images.

Will there be a version 3? Maaaaybe if I’m up to it I will use actual screenshots from the anime in a few weeks time and any better images for any of the groups that I could find. Maybe.

Oh and I was pretty tempted to use this for Shintaro’s manga side: